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About the Program

Courses by Unicakery Tutorials are specially crafted and inspired by Naomi's hands-on industry experience! Welcome to the Breads Cakes and Pastries course!


This is an intensive course that will run for a duration of 4 weeks (8 modules). Classes are on Saturdays and Sundays and will require some at-home activity. Upon completion, all participants must complete a mandatory evaluation, once successful you will receive ACTD internationally accredited certification!

Cost $4950 or two payments of $2475 inclusive of all tools, recipes and ingredients! We also offer an additional payment plan of 3 payments of $1650. 

Course Overview

Module 1: Introduction to Baking - Online Theory

This is our first session and will be conducted online! We will discuss the essential tools and equipment used in the kitchen and their roles. You will be introduced to different baking techniques how to read and understand a recipe and all other essential aspects of baking that you NEED to know!

Module 2: Quick Breads

We will be making a variety of banana bread, orange loaves, scones and blueberry muffins, following standard recipes step by step. We will learn what to look for in over-mixed quick breads and how to get it right every time!

Module 3: Laminated dough and Pastry Filling

This is your Introduction to laminated dough and choux pastry (Pâte à Choux). We will be making classic Danish dough, short-crust pastry dough and classic pastry dough from scratch, incorporating all the rolling and folding techniques. In addition, we will make different pastry fillings from scratch including pastry cream and Crème Pâtissière

Module 4: Artisanal Pastries

Learn to make traditional tarts and pies, as well as artisan-style pastries and danishes. We will prepare treats such as croissants, galettes and more!

Module 5: The Art of Cake Baking

In the art of cake baking, we will cover the different cake mixing methods and batter preparation. You will learn to bake a variety of cakes and cupcakes such as chocolate, red velvet, marble sponge and carrot cake.

Module 6: Bread Basics

Understanding different flour types and how they affect your baked products. You will be introduced to the steps of yeast dough production, sourdough starter and bread shaping techniques. We will be making classic white bread, whole wheat bread and cinnamon rolls with a few twists.

Module 7: Cake Decorating for Beginners

This newly added cake decorating class teaches proper buttercream preparation. You will learn to layer, stack and fill the cakes baked in module 5.

Module 8: Advanced Bread Techniques

You will learn how to make specialty artisan breads such as brioche, sourdough bread and focaccia! Learning to enhance your bread shaping techniques creating more intricate designs and patterns.

Register for Cycle 3

Fill out the form below to join cycle 3 for the Bread Cakes & Pastries Course! Once your submission is received we will respond to you accordingly about the next steps of the process as we embark on this journey together! The cycle is set to start on Saturday 7th September 2024.

This form is for registration ONLY, if you would like to find out more information, please call us or WhatsApp 764-6210.

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 Understand that if you are accepted to join this course, you must make a $2100 deposit payment within 3 days of receiving your acceptance email to reserve your spot. (ALL deposits are non-refundable)

This form is for registration ONLY, if you would like to find out more information, please call us or WhatsApp 764-6210.

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